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Both U.S. and Canada both get a great deal of snow. This makes for winter recreation, such as skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiliing. Both areas have about the same crops, such as corn, wheat, and other grains. The U.S. and Canada both mine goods such as coal, copper, zinc and other goods. With all this mining it makes for a lot of good manufacturing in the U.S. and Canada.

2.Latin AmericaLatin America has a lot of mining. They mine a lot of different things then the U.S.

Some of these goods are manganese, lead, copper, natural gas, uranium, and many more. This also makes for a diverse manufacturing area. They can manufacture there tin and sell it to other countries. Latin America has a warm climate, so they can grow foods that we cant, such as bananas. Rio DE Janeiro, in Latin America has many competitive sports, one of these is soccer.

3.Russia has many goods to mine. Some of these goods are chromium, platinum, and 14 others. With some of the other metals Russia has it makes a very good manufacturing community. The people of Russia have a lot of different recreation, they also have a lot of festivals. The Crimean Peeninsula contains a Mediterranean climate which can grow citrus fruits and other foods.

4.North Africa and Southwest Asia Many items are mined here such as phosphate, zinc, and 6 other kinds of minerals.

With these minerals, this region has also a very diverse manufacturing area.

Exporting goods they have access of and importing the ones they need. This area also farms a wide variety of goods. Some of these goods are fruits, nuts, and citrus.

In this region a lot of sailing is done, so I guess you could call this recreation, but it is also used to transport goods.

5. Africa south of the Sahara This area mines a lot of different goods. Some of these are diamonds, copper, cobalt and 6 other minerals. A lot of the manufacturing industry is into the diamonds, because this brings the country a great deal of wealth. This region farms a lot of cocoa products along with peanuts, and cotton, which can be sold around the world. Recreation here consists of a lot of annual festivals.

6.South Asia This area mines a lot of iron ore and coal, this isn't a real top notch manufacturing area. Farming here consist of a lot of foods, and animals. This area also does a lot os sailing, it can be recreation, but also used for work. With the coal industry here the older contras can buy it from here so they have pretty good manufacturing.

7.East Asia East Asia produces a lot of petroleum, and 6 other goods. With all the petroleum sites here they can have a very diverse manufacturing site. They can export a lot of there goods. Farming here is mostly done so that one and ones family may survive.

This area has little recreation but some might consist of soccer.

8.Southeast Asia This area mines a lot of gemstones and 6 other kinds of minerals. With so many gemstones being manufactured the country can bring in a lot of profit. The manufacturing industry also here is a lot of petroleum. This area has a lot of recreation, on of these is called the Floral Festival. I didn't notice a lot about recreation in this area.

9.Australia, Ocean, and Antarctica This area mines and manufactures 10 goods. A lot of this is zinc, and some nickel, which can be used for protecting other metals. This area for framing has a lot of copra produced in many of its regions. This areas recreation consist of a lot of things, such as swimming, diving and site seeing.