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Over the last decade, the field of genetics is one that has undergone significant progress and has offered humankind with great promises and wondrous possibilities for the future. Genetics has provided scientists with numerous ways in which they can manipulate the genetic defects in living things through genetic engineering in the hopes that we can improve the quality of life. However, besides the benefits that we may receive from this, there are many consequences that we must consider before we proceed in any of these innovations.

Various genetic technologies have already provided us with possible solutions in combating diseases through several gene therapies. For instance, in experimental treatments for melanoma"”the deadliest form of skin cancer, American researchers inject a gene into the tumor to produce a protein that helps the immune system fight cancer. As well, in an experimental treatment for cystic fibrosis, the disease which often leads to death due to a buildup of heavy mucus in the lungs and pancreas, a normal gene is embedded into a cold virus and is placed in the nasal passage or directly into the lung through a tubal instrument.

Gene therapy to fight diseases is one area in genetic technologies that appears to be having a positive impact in our society because in combating some deadly diseases, it is helping us live healthier and longer lives. Today, concerning genetically engineered food crops, a biotech company has produced a tomato strain that carries a gene to counteract the rotting process. This innovation can have many benefits to us since it can allow us to produce better crops.

Like in many other fields, many scientists and others are persistently attempting to discover how far we can stretch our limits in genetic engineering. While some of these genetic innovations have obvious advantages and benefits,