Genetic Engineering

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Genetic Engineering is the technique by which genetic material is altered by recombinant DNA to change or improve the hereditary properties of microorganisms, animals, plants, etc. It is a technique that has taken millennia to be discovered and centuries to be put into practice. At our current technology, we are on the verge of a breakthrough. We have merely skimmed the surface of the possible applications that this wonderful technology possesses. It is an iceberg that reaches down to the center of the Earth, and we have only seen the tip of this iceberg. However, there is a reason that our society is reluctant to proceed any further in the study of this field: morals. We are afraid of what it might mean if we dive head-on into the monster of genetic engineering. In this paper, you will see why genetic engineering is a threat to life and how it came around.

The history of genetic engineering dates back to the first discover of the gene. Gregor Mendel, known as the father of the gene, first discovered genes when growing plants in his monastery gardens. He tested things like flower color, plant height, and various other physical attributes of the flower. Although, at the time Mendel called them factors. However, Gregor Mendel did not know where these genes were located or how they were transferred from parents to offspring. The research for these elements of genetic engineering took place many years later. Important research by many scientists has led us up to where we stand today.

The past two decades boosted our genetic technology from a small hill into a mountain. Plants are now made to produce large, healthy fruit that is resistant to diseases and wards off bugs on their own. Farmers can buy plants that have been...