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British being a very strong nation, starting in the 1700's because of the Industrial Revolution was seeking to dominate as many countries it could, politically, economically, and socially and make it a British Imperial colony. India was a great country for Britain to have as one of its colonies because India had 300 million people at that time and were a big potential market for British-made goods. India was also a major supplier in raw materials such as; indigo, tea, cotton, coffee, and jute. Cotton being a big demand in the British Industrial Revolution at that time; British could get no more than it could in India. In the 200 year rule of Britain in India from 1757 to 1947 one man rose in the 1900's to change the British rule and help India gain independence.

Mohandas K. Gandhi was a man of great importance to India and its people.

Gandhi attended law school in England and became a British lawyer. He is the man who gave self-confidence to the Indians in Africa in the 1900's under the British law and was the leader of the independence movement in India. Gandhi was a very religious man and his teachings blended ideas from all of the major world religions, including Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. Gandhi, also very deeply believed in a non-violent battle against anything. He believed that anything could be done without violence, if it was true and right.

Once when Gandhi rode in a train from England to Africa, he was kicked out of the train. Gandhi was sitting in the first class seats of the train and a British conductor ordered Gandhi to go to the third class seats because of Gandhi's skin color, but Gandhi refused. Gandhi said he wouldn't because he said he had bought a...