Gambling: What To Do?

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Gambling has become a very powerful and influential industry in our American society today. Each year approximately $12 billion is generated in revenue throughout gambling alone. Now the question is; should the government do away with the legalization of gambling? At first I found myself somewhat indifferent on this issue. I have not had any first hand experience with the gambling industry, but after weighing both sides of this issue I have come to somewhat of a conclusion. I feel that because the business of gambling generates billions of dollars in government revenue, lowers taxes, creates jobs and gives a healthy face-lift to some of the slummiest neighborhoods in the nation (and transforms them into major cities), makes me feel that gambling definitely has positive effects on our nation.

As I see it, gambling as a whole benefits our economy and society in many ways. But it is also very true that it does carry with it, quite a bit of backlash (i.e.:

violence, poverty, mental conditions, etc.). According to a notice sent from the ethical research center in Utah "gambling is a problem that can eventually even lead to death"(Parsons, et al. "Baptist Ethical Research Notice"). In most of these cases, the negative repercussions of gambling effect more the individual rather than the population or society.

So I feel that because the benefits of gambling have affected each and every taxpayer in this money hungry country, that gambling should stay the way it is: legal in the states that have it legal. And for Utah, Hawaii, and Tennessee, if they would like to keep gambling illegal, let them do so. But like everything gambling has its pros and its cons; it is up to each individual person as to whether they would like to get caught up...