Gallipoli War

Essay by Anadol May 2004

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History is witness to many wars that bring pain and sorrow for both of the sides that are fighting. War is a frame of demise, horror and fear, which is drawn by the unsatisfaction of the countries and great desires of the leaders. Gallipoli is also a good example for these wars which resulted with millions of deaths and huge destruction. Our artwork,the movie named Gallipoli, is a marvellous film that vividly depicts the tragedic side of Gallipoli War, mostly from the Anzac side. On the other hand in the war part, the rivals apart from Anzacs are examined in detail.

As a result the reader of our research project for the cwill know a lot about Anzacs and their perpective before, during and after the war while the reader will also have an idea about the other sides in general. In conclusion, the reader will learn a lot from all perspectives and will be satisfied with the content.

In the artwork part, we tried to show the conflicts between Anzacs and England generally and the countries decisions on usage of allied countries just for their own benefit in general. Also the fact that war is not a good thing is emphasized in the artwork part of the project. In the war part, apart from stating that war is definitely a bad thing, the basic goals of the important rivals and a conflict with in England is discussed. When we both focus on the artwork and the war, we can see that Gallipoli War was directed by politic forces where the way of events in the war could have been a lot different if military force was also taken into consideration, yet the war affected mostly the little people who did not believe to earn a lot from the war...