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I would like to pursue a career in Information Technology, by doing my Bachelors in Computer Sciences from LUMS. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, in my opinion, in the future, the most growth will be in the Information Technology sector, globally, as well as in locally, here in Pakistan. Here in Pakistan, the Information Technology sector is highly underdeveloped at present. But it can be seen that in the up coming years, there will be tremendous growth in this field.

Also in the up coming years, the Internet will also provide a lot of opportunities. The Internet has had explosive growth. It is estimated that in 1992, about three to four million people, mainly students, and some people at offices had access to the Internet. By 1995, that number had gone up to some 80 million people. Nua Internet Surveys reported that there are 407.1 million adults and children accessing the Internet Worldwide, as of December 2000.

Thousands of new people get access to the Internet daily.

The Internet was started by the Advanced Research Projects Agency, which is a branch of the United States Department of Defense. This was back in the 1960s. The goal was to make a decentralized computer network, so that if one node went down, the rest of the network would be up and running, and hence military communications would not be interrupted. Then In the 1970s, universities started connecting up to the net. In the 1980s, Companies started coming online. Then, since the early 1990s, High schools and elementary schools started coming online. Then individuals started logging on.

At about this time, the Internet started becoming commercial. People began advertising on the Internet, and also began buying and selling goods online. There are two main types of e-business. Firstly, theirs B-to-B...