Frienship (POEM)

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On the road there are many obstacles, It can hurt like falling off one of your favorite bicycles.

Paper can be thrown away just like a friend, Just like that paper your friendship can come to an end.

Why did she abandon me? Please let me come to see? You continue to push away, Now there is only one thing left to say.

"I cherished your friendship until it was through, I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is one thing left to do!" So I walk away with one thing on my mind, The things that I had said I can no longer rewind.

Something in my head still plays to this day, It seems so distant, so far away.

To know that someone put me through this, Makes me think, how much do I really miss? No, is my reply, but why? Again I start to think, Twirling around like I'm skating on an ice rink.

That, that so-called friend could not see, How much her impact had affected me.

It was very difficult that year, Knowing that she at least had some cheer.

I chose the right thing to do, to end the friendship between me and you.

Now I sit all by myself, Constantly putting all of my troubles on a knickknack shelf.