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Friendship can be a very powerful experience; it can help people to overcome obstacles and can let you know that someone will always be there for you. For example, in the poem by Mathew Arnold, the power of friendship helps people get through tough times, also, in the myth, the power of a friendship illustrates that you can rely on a friend for help. Both authors use literary devices to convey their ideas.

In the poem, the power of friendship is conveyed by the idea that friends can over come even the most horrible of circumstances if they have each other. Friendship can help deal with pain, struggle, confusions, ignorance, darkness, war, and hatred. Imagery is used to capture a severe moment. The imagery used in this poem shows the reader the intensity of something of the obstacles they could overcome together. "Ignorant armies clash by night", is a perfect example of imagery.

Similes are used in this poem to convey the peacefulness and kindness that emerges from friendship. "For the world which seems to lie before us like a land of dreams," shows the good side of friendships. Friendships, as conveyed in the poem, are extremely powerful and can help people overcome obstacles in their way.

In the myth, the power of friendship is conveyed by two friend's undying devotion to each other. Here in the myth, shows how trust is very important in a friendship. Setting is very important for the myth because its sets the tone for the time period. This story took place in Syracuse, Sicily B.C. The tone sets and optimistic and uplifting mood. In the myth, two best friends are put to the test as friends when Pythias was accused of trying to overthrow the ruler. Pythias was sentenced to death, but he wanted...