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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

The Modern Prometheus

"You are my creator, but I am your master, obey!" These are the wise words of Mary Shelley, author of the first ever Gothic Sci-Fi novel to date. In the book certain issues are raised; for example, was victor morally correct in creating the monster? The main arguments of the book are: Religion Versus Science, Procreation Versus Creation, God Versus Man and Knowledge Versus Ignorance. In this essay I aim to explain how he was morally correct and immoral in creating the monster, by using all these arguments as examples.

It's hard to believe that all the controversy of writing the strangest novel to date could all come from and 18 year old girl. This book scared people so much at the time because they had never seen it before, so ,much so, that she was questioned by authorities as to where she got her ideas from, and how she knew how to steal bodies from a slaughterhouse.

The first argument I am going to raise is: "Creation Versus Procreation," otherwise known as "Artificial Versus Natural." When a baby is born - between a man and a woman - it is known as procreation; however; when something is created artificially, it is considered to be to be unnatural and immoral. This process is usually done by galvanism.

Galvanism was discovered by Luigi Galvani, in 1791. Galvanism is done by passing electricity from lightning through the body of an animal or human, in order to stimulate muscles and make something dead move again.

In victors case this was much worse because he created something that he knew would never be happy. This is shown in the book by Victor saying "now that I had finished, the beauty of the dream vanished." This shows...