Five paragraph summary for a book called "Jim Davis: a high seas adventure"

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Jim Davis was born in the year 1800, in the town of Newham in Gloucestershire. His mother died when he was five years old, and his father died 4 years later when Jim was 9 years old. When his father, died Jim's uncle came and took him to Devonshire to live with him. Jim lived with his aunt and uncle above the trout stream where Jim spent his summer holidays.

When Jim was twelve years old, his neighbor, Ms. Cottier and her son Hugh moved in with Jim. Ms. Cottier became like a mother to Jim. One snowy day Ms. Cottier went to Salacombe to go Christmas shopping, and when the storm worsened and she didn't come back Jim went to look for her. Jim saw a posse of night riders and they asked him if he had seen anything and he said he didn't. They then showed him where Ms.

Cottier was. Jim and Ms. Cottier made it safely home.

A few days later Jim and Hugh meet Marah Gorsuch who they later find out is a smuggler. Jim and Hugh went back to school but they still got to see Marah. One day Jim and Hugh went to sail their toy boat made from a window basket when they saw Mr. Gorsuch. He gave Jim a model of a Cutter ship, and Hugh a toy cannon. Jim, Hugh, and Marah shot their old boat and went home.

A few weeks later Jim went to save a few coastguards from the smugglers but he got caught. The smugglers made Jim sign in with them so he can't rat them out. They go to France and smuggle a bunch of stuff back. When they get back they find that someone had told the Preventative officers about the shipment and...