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Plastic household products are such as food containers, drinks containers, buckets, rubber hose, bottles, spoons, forks, bowls etc are a necessity of basic needs by the people and it is very useful. For example, It does not only help to contain food in a Tupperware container, it also helps to keep the food warm and can be re used.

Therefore, many of the manufacturers came out with different kinds of products from all shapes, sizes and colour to bring out the best quality to its customers.

However, most of the manufacturers are not aware of the harmful effects by the plastic. It will cause undesirable effects such as pollution.

Environmental problems

Manufacturers have to take note that the materials are a harmful effect to the people and to the surrounding area. Harmful gases such as the nitrogen oxides are formed when compounds containing high nitrogen is burnt at high temperatures as plastic are non-biodegradable when people dispose them as waste rubbish along the pathways, parks, rivers etc.

Thus, the adverse effects of air pollution on man will lead to poisoning and suffer the effects of brain damages.

Safety problems

Safety is another important factor that the manufacturers must take note. The products such as milk bottles, pacifier, spoons, and bowls. If products are to be used by small children, manufacturers have to take extra care of the product and make sure that there are no any harmful effects when the child used to product.

Suggestion to overcome

As usual, the marketing mix comprises of the four P's are as follows:

1) Product

In order to make the product suitable for consumers, manufacturers should try to find alternatives products, which does not contain substances that are harmful. They should try to reduce the amount of plastic. Quality of the product has...