Film Review Including Christian Perpsective on "Toy Story"

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Content/Meaning in Toy Story

In the film Toy Story produced in 1995, the constructed reality is shown throughout the movie. The plot of Toy Story consists of the "secret-life" of the toys while people are not around. Toys can walk, talk, and much more. The story starts out with Woody, a cowboy doll, being Andy's favorite toy. We are introduced to many other characters such as Mr. Potato Head, Hamm (a pig), Slinky Dog, Rex, and many others. We are shown Andy and Woody's relationship and how Woody knows that he is Andy's favorite toy. However, when Andy's birthday takes place before they move, a new toy comes into the picture. This toy is a Buzz Lightyear, a high-tec toy which is really impressive. Buzz thinks he is a real space ranger and quickly becomes Andy's new favorite. Woody moves down in ranks and down from the bed to the toy box.

Soon Woody will do anything to get rid of Buzz and knocks him out the window. Andy takes Woody to Pizza planet, but before they leave, Buzz jumps into the van. At the gas station, Buzz and Woody get into a huge argument, and Andy leaves them there. After stowing away on a pizza delivery truck, Buzz and Woody make it to Pizza Planet and try to reunite with Andy. Before they can do this, Sid, Andy's evil neighbor, takes them. Sid tortures toys for fun and is really mean to his sister and everyone else. Sid has just ordered a rocket and is planning to strap Buzz to it and blow him up, but Woody and some other toys that are there devise a plan to save Buzz and scare Sid away from all toys. They reveal that toys are alive, save Buzz, and freak...