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Music is shared by everyone in any part of the world. The sounds bring together people from all over, with people singing the lyrics in the shower or while walking the dog. Everyone listens to music, but how do you get your albums? Do you get your albums through the store or through the internet? The internet has many file-sharing companies where people can download music for free such as WinMx, mIRC, and Kazaa. These companies "help" the trend of file-sharing by distributing and uploading music, pictures, and videos between users at no cost. File-sharing occurs between two users through the computers and are able to exchange files. Many people believe that file-sharing and music downloading should be stopped because people and companies lose money. I believe that people should not file share because there are consequences that affect everyone, the people who download the files, the record companies who lose the money and the music store workers who lose their jobs.

These consequences don't become a problem for just one person but rather to a chain of people, that eventually affect everyone.

File-sharing and music downloading should be stopped because if the person gets caught, downloading music, there will be consequences that may include lawsuits because it is illegal. File-sharing is illegal because users are able to gain access to thousands of music files that they don't have to pay for. Under the federal law, it is illegal, just like making copies of DVDs or videos. The amount of people downloading music and the losses that companies are experiencing are causing the federal government to take action. According to Ted Bridis in "Music Labels Say They'll Sue Users Who Share Files", "the RIAA said its lawyers will fine lawsuits initially against people with the largest collections of music...