Fahrenheit 451

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Guy Montag is a fireman that lives in the future. Now in the future the firemen do not put out fires, they set the fires. They do not set fires for no reason though, the firemen are out to burn all books and they will burn the houses that have books in them to make their job easier.

Houses are fire proof in this time so the only way to burn a house is to soak it in kerosene. The fire trucks they drive hold kerosene in them instead of water to burn the houses they find with books in them.

Montag meets a 17-year-old girl named Clarisse. Clarisse is Montag's neighbor and has been his neighbor for a long time and he didn't even know it.

As Clarisse is leaving she asks Montag if he is happy. Montag doesn't think anything about it and just says, "Yeah, of course I'm happy."

Montag goes back to his house and the door is unlocked. While he is looking for his wife Mildred he realizes that he isn't happy. Montag looks around until he finds his wife passed out and overdosed on sleeping pills.

Montag called the hospital and they sent two men with a briefcase and they hooked her up to a machine. The machine took out all her bad, diseased, drug filled blood and filled her with new blood. They told him that when she wakes up she will be starving.

At the fire house there had been a call about an old lady who had books in her attic. Montag, his chief Beaddy, and his partners Stonemen and Black go to the house and the old lady is still in the house. They run up to the attic and they start throwing down books. An open book falls into...