To what extent & for what reasons did divisions emerge in Parliament between the summer of 1641 & the summer of 1642?

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In the Summer of 1641, between May to June, Prerogative taxation and the courts were abolished, under the control of the Long Parliament. The Ten Propositions followed closely behind in June of that same year, but when Charles leaves to negotiate peace with the Scots he leaves Parliament to sort everything, which is a bad idea as I November, the Irish Rebellion and the Grand Remonstrance occurred. Charles returns to his throne from Scotland during this time. Finally, in December of 1641, the Militia Bill was passed. The following year in January, there was the attempted arrest of the Five members of Parliament and the King leaves London.

In early 1641, to begin to dismantle Personal rule, the Prerogative Courts of Star Chamber and High Commission were abolished, and Ship Money and Knighthood issues were declared illegal. The limits of the royal forest were also redefined, (so some people could move back) and the collection of tonnage and poundage without parliament intervening was outlawed.

Pym was left with then problem of how to safeguard the concessions they had already won. They thought that if Charles had the opportunity, he would refuse to see the limits of his prerogative. Therefore, further restraints may be needed, to protect them of laws already in place. The Deaths of Bedford and Strafford had ended any prospect of Charles attempting to cooperate with his opponents because Charles had offered positions in Government to some of his parliamentary critics, and Bedford was only one of this group who Charles had any trust in. Any remaining chance was taken away when Strafford was killed, and instead Charles looked to build an alternative party within Parliament from those who opposed Strafford's Attainder, such as Lord Digby. Religion convinced Charles that it was his opponents who were becoming divided...