Explanation of how tecnology is the future and has benefited humans.

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Technology is the future. These famous words have been spoken throughout history. God has given us brains and hands to use; He expects us to learn and discover. With the help of technology life has been made a little easier. Technology has saved lives and will save lives in the future. It enables us to learn more about our ancestors and about ourselves. Technology is good, we should not waste the opportunity of using technology.

Well-known scientists, such as Stephen Hawkins, have brilliant minds, yet diseases have overcome them. But, with the help of technology, researchers have been able to keep ill-fated people, including Stephen Hawkins, alive. For diabetics they have found a way to make insulin, which is very vital for a person to live. Cancer patients use chemotherapy, mammograms, and CAT scans to see if they have cancer, if it's going away or if it is coming back.

When asthmatics have asthma attacks ambulances can rush over and help them because, even though some people don't know, asthma is extremely serious and many times deadly. An example is one month ago my friend, John, who is an asthmatic, was running - which can be dangerous - in P.E., and with no warning she suddenly had an asthma attack. He went directly to the nurse and took medication, which was made possible by technology. Then, the nurse called the paramedics by using the telephone, which is also technology. An ambulance came, which is technology and the paramedics saved his life. So many diseases has been defeated or controlled by technology. And when people's bodies are dealing with disease, they often can still work and have fun. Though our medications aren't perfect, we are improving life for people everywhere by utilizing technology.

Everyone needs leisure time; this is...