Evidence That Dinosaurs Died Because Of An Asteroid Collision With Earth

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EVIDENCE THAT DINOSAURS DIED BECAUSE OF AN ASTEROID COLLISION WITH EARTH For about one hundred and sixty-five million years the dinosaurs ruled the Earth with other numbers of species that are unknown to us. About sixty million years ago an event so great caused the death of the dinosaurs. A number of theories come up including the Earth's orbital change, which could cause the ice age. Another theory is that a star exploded sending rays or galactic dust to Earth. Most evidence points to three main theories: the dinosaurs died of disease; hundreds of volcanoes erupted continuously; and a huge asteroid collided with Earth. Current research suggest that a very large asteroid collided with Earth destroying the atmosphere and killing about seventy percent of Earth's species including all of the dinosaurs. The rock record indicates that there was a global temperature drop at about the same time as the death of the dinosaurs.

Many theories support the temperature dropping such as the orbital change or the asteroid hitting Earth.

As the Earth rotates the sun, moon, and other planets pull on the Earth with their own gravity; changing the Earth's orbit and distance from the sun slightly. This could cause a major weather change such as the ice age. If the Earth got colder the dinosaurs could not escape from this. The dinosaurs did not have any fur and they don't hibernate. Eventually the cold would kill them. The three main orbital changes that Milankovich studied were: changes in the shape of the Earth's orbit; changes in the tilt of the Earth; and the wobble of the Earth's axis. If the cool segment of the orbital shape cycle occurs at the same time as the cool part of the tilt, and at the precise time as the cool segment of...