Everyday Ethics and the morals behind them

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There are ethics in the media, business, academics, and even the internet. One aspect of the wide span that ethics covers is everyday ethics. Everyday ethics are those that are practiced on a regular basis. These are sometimes overlooked because they seem like common sense. However, it can be surprising that such common sense has been instilled in so many of us to become everyday ethics. The morality of everyday ethics includes aspects such as moral cliché usage and character traits.

Consider the following scenario about a boy named Jim. On all of his final exams, Jim cheats so his parents will let him enter a skateboard competition because of his good grades. He uses a great method and he does not get caught. His grades are good enough and his parents let him go compete. Jim makes it so far in competition that he competes at a national level.

On the way from the hotel to the final judging, Jim gets into a car crash and severely hurts his left leg. Jim is not able to compete and therefore the other boy wins. His wise friend Jake who knew what was going on the whole time was the first person at the hospital. He walked into the room, looked Jim in the eye and said, "What goes around comes around." Since Jim cheated to enter the competition, he had to pay the consequences of losing the competition.

Some people discover a fine use of quotes by using them to support their cases. These are the type of people that will use moral clichés. They want to abridge their statements because they are not knowledgeable enough to give their own opinion on the subject. Whether it be, "All's fair in love and war," or "Crime doesn't pay," people will try...