Ethan Allen and why he is an american hero

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During the epic battles, turmoil, and chaos of the American Revolution, they were many great accomplishments, and a number of heroes were brought up to fulfill these roles. One of these heroes is Ethan Allen; he possessed the attributes that separate a good man from a hero. There lay many heroic qualities within him--including unrivaled courage, leadership, organization capabilities, and a strong will. In addition, he contributed much to Vermont and the revolution. This man's intentions were pure and he ultimately led to a net positive change in not only Vermont, the United States, and even the world. In other words, he was a true hero.

A hero can be defined as someone who performs great and extraordinary actions for the good of something. He must be an exemplary being, able to prove that he is, in many ways, different and beyond the normal man. He may be exemplary because he did a courageous deed; he may be a hero because of his generosity; or he may become a hero if he is an inspiration to others.

If in any way, a person has contributed greatly to society, he may be considered a hero. Although many people like to consider mundane, unoriginal people such as firefighters and police, for instance, to be heroes, they cannot compare to patriots like Ethan Allen. However, if the hero was done too great a number of unacceptable deeds, such as murder or betray, whether it was to establish his reason for becoming a hero or for another purpose, he can no longer be deemed a hero. Virtue is an important characteristic of a hero that cannot be left out. Many war "heroes" are considered heroes despite the fact that they had committed many wrongdoings. These military men are tyrants--they do everything on a personal...