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Living in the 21st century is quite different than let us say the sixties, this time era

was unique in many aspects. First of all, people listened to different types of music,

such as rock n' roll something that was brand new to the people of the sixties. In the

present time period people listen to many different varieties of music, which range from

rap to classical. The basic idea is music has changed drastically over the decades whether

it be for the better or worse.

Some of the music in the sixties included The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkal,

Donavan, and Chicago. In the sixties rap was not yet introduced into society, as a musical

genre. Many people felt that rock n' roll was a bad influence on young people, and adults

alike. This to many was derogatory and a negative influence in their lives, which

represented rebellious behavior. Many parents were very skeptical about the evolving

bands in which their teenagers were obsessed with.

Parents felt this was a negative

influence being in that many bands promoted drug use. Therefore, drug use during this

Period was prevalent especially among young adults, who felt this was a way to

live in harmony. The bottom line people were worried about the influence music had on

the younger members of society. I found some of this information on a website entitled, which portrayed a great picture of life in the sixties.

Whereas, in the 21st century, which we live in at the immediate time has a total

different view on music. People have been introduced to several newer types of music

which include rap, punk, hard rock, and many others. In comparison to music that was

often listened to by people in the sixties the 21st century provides more of a...