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A Proposal to Abolish Grading is a piece by Paul Goodman who raises many important questions about the current educational system inducted by the majority of universities. In this essay I will be both analyzing and evaluating this piece and what it's purposes to the best of my ability. I think that the most important question or thesis of this piece is the question of would it be beneficial to eliminate the current process of grading at a few prestigious universities. Is this a logical I idea and how does he present it. How would this effect the level of competence on any subject a student is learning about? How would grad schools and employers know what a student has learned? Does grading hinder teaching in a way that creates a bad spirit? These are a few of many questions that arise with this proposal.

What does Goodman mean when he refers to his idea as being a modest innovation? Goodman thinks it is but I would have to disagree because it seems to be such a huge step for our educational system. If grading has become the essence of learning to many students, is it modest to change this essence? Does grading detour students from the ingenuity of a subject and leave them to retain less than if testing was used only for pedagogic purposes as teachers feel fit. I think it is a great but obvious fact that some as Goodman believe grading hinders teaching and creates a bad spirit.

Paul Goodman goes on to raise what I think are very good or important questions in backing up his thesis. The purpose of this work is to raise question about our educational system and at the same time express views of why this would be a modest...