Essay on Objective vs. Subjective in "There's No News From Auschwitz"- by A.M. Rosenthal

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Essay on

There's No News From Auschwitz

By A.M. Rosenthal

I intend to prove that Rosenthal used both objective and subjective in his story about Auschwitz. There are many times in the story when Rosenthal gives only strict facts. At the same time, there are times were he inputs his feelings. Sometimes, he mixes the two to tell the fact ,and to let you know how he feels. This is where the objective and subjective writing comes into play.

I have counted the number of paragraphs that I think fit into the category of objective or subjective. There are eight paragraphs, that I see, that are objective: the first, third, fourth, fifth, ninth, tenth, thirteenth, and seventeenth. There are four that I think are subjective: the second, sixth, eighth, and sixteenth. There are also a four that have been mixed with both objective and subjective. They are paragraphs seven, eleven, twelve, and fourteen.

Rosenthal uses only facts to tell certain facts of the story. One is," Brzezinka is a couple miles from the better-known southern Polish town of Oswiecim. Oswiecim has about twelve thousand inhabitants, is situated about 171 miles from Warsaw, and lies in a damp, marshy area at the eastern end of the pass called Moravian Gate." Another is," A long corridor where rows of faces stare from the walls. Thousands of pictures, the photographs of prisoners. They are all dead now, the men and women who stood before the cameras, and they all knew they were to die." In both Rosenthal use only the facts.

Rosenthal inputs his feeling in many places, also. One is," It all seemed frighteningly wrong, as in a nightmare, that at Brzezinka the sun should ever shine or that there should be light and greenness and the sound of young laughter.