This essay follows 5 imaginary people during the colonization of America, from 1612 to 1790.

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Monday, August 4, 1612

Two weeks have passed since my journey from Germany to The Colonies began. I am anxious to arrive in The New World. Life on the ship is, simply put, unpleasant. Quarters are cramped, food is scarce, and disease runs rampant. Yesterday, two passengers were buried at sea. They died from fever and delirium. My time on the ship has not been as harsh as it is for most. I became a deck hand to pay my way. I am regularly fed and I get fresh air and sunlight most days. My job is to distribute food to the passengers and clean the deck. I usually volunteer for the nocturnal watch. I feel that it is to my advantage to spend as little time below deck as possible. I miss my family and although I may never see them again, I know I made the right choice.

Yonaton Divorkin

Thursday, September 14, 1706

I will never be able to thank my grandfather enough for coming to America. Modern Germany has little opportunity available in the business world, especially for Jews. The only intolerance in America is between the Protestants and the Catholics. This is only because of their racial disputes. I have never seen a time of peace between the French and the British. I have tended to ally my loyalties to the British. They have been long time trade partners and allies with Germany and, even though I have only visited Auuzban, Germany a few times, I still feel that it is a part of me. My home, the small shtetl of Chazer Ri, New Jersey, is identical to any city of Germany. I have only been running The B'bayit Inn here for three years, but it has been doing magnificently. Every room is filled in...