This essay is a biography about four different African American hockey players.

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Over the years only several African Americans have entered the NHL and succeeded. Currently there are only four now playing, Kevin Weekes, Peter Worrell, Anson Carter, and Georges Laraque. All four of these men have tolerated the ignorance of some of their fellow hockey players, and they have overcome any challenges that have stood in their way.

Not only is Kevin Weekes an African American hockey player, but he is a goalie, one of the first to play in the NHL. Although Kevin made his NHL debut in October 1997 he did not win his first game until October 2000. He received his first NHL shutout only 22 days later. Kevin Weekes has never really had a true home in the NHL, he has bounced around for several years playing for five different teams in the NHL, and he has also played in the American Hockey League, the Ottawa Hockey League, and the International Hockey League.

Finally, for the past three seasons he has had the opportunity to stick with one team and show the world his true talent. He plays for the Carolina Hurricanes and last season he helped lead them to the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals where they lost in game seven to the New Jersey Devils, who later went on to win the Stanley Cup.

Georges Laraque is one of they oldest African American Hockey players in the NHL, and definitely one of the most talented. Georges has only played for one team in his professional career, the Edmonton Oilers, one of the oldest and most prestigious teams in the NHL. He was drafted in 1991, but he played junior hockey until 1997 when he played for the Oilers. He scored his first professional goal in January 1999, and his first playoff debut was the Western...