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In 1956, John Lennon started a band called The Quarry Men in Liverpool, England. They would play various events and even auditioned for a television show, but lost to a midget as a feature. In July of 1957 at St. Peter's Parish Church, another young man, a mutual friend, introduced Paul McCartney to John. John was so impressed that Paul could play and knew all the lyrics to Eddie Cochran's "20 Flight Rock" that he immediately asked him to join. Paul had a younger friend who also played the guitar, George Harrison. Eventually, after filling in with the band every once in awhile, George joined them in 1958. From there, the band continued to play smaller gigs, including playing for a wedding of George's brother. They went through many drummers that eventually left for one reason or another. In 1960, John asked his best friend, Stuart Sutcliffe, to join the band, which he did.

Stuart played the bass guitar, but had never really learned to play well. He was more interested in his pursuits in "the arts," however, thought it would be a fun thing in the meantime.

Early in 1960, the band changed their name to The Moondogs and continued to play shows. The band had now consisted of John, Paul, George, Stuart, and Tommy Moore, their new drummer. They hired a manager, Allen Williams, who had found them their drummer and began to try finding them work. They decided to change their name again. Stuart suggested, "The Beetles," like Buddy Holly's "Crickets." However, John thought it would look better spelled, "The Beatles." Their manager didn't like it and wanted, "Long John and the Silver Beetles." John shortened it to just "The Silver Beetles." The Silver Beetles began a tour of Scotland. A few of them took...