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I.Scientific and Technological advances and Environmental decline

A.Transportation and Communication

1.In 1947 first plain flew faster than the speed of sound

2.Television became a major phenomenon

B.Computer Advances

1.In 1950 the development of silicon chip brought major changes

2.Significance of computer lead to a new information age

C.Genetics and Medical developments

1.Scientist declared DNA was the key to heredity

2.Genetic engineering also opened up a new realm of possibilities

D.Environmental Issues

1.During 1960 and 1970 environmental issue awareness

2.Depletion of nonrenewable energy resources

II.Rich Nations and Poor Nations Competing in a Global Economy

A.U.S. Economic Dominance

1.The leading manufacturer and economic power was the U.S.

2.Free trade and the formation of IMF, World Bank, and GATT

B.The Rise of other Economic Centers

1.1973-1986 China , Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong economies tripled the U.S. rate

2. Japan's strong economic growth.

In 1991 new factories opened every 3 days

C.The growing disparity of rich and poor nations

1.During 1970s and 1980 poor nations saw their economic gains erode

2.They Began to barrow heavily and incurred excessive debt

D.The Debt of Poor Nations

1.Rich nations controlled finance and trade

2.Poor nations real answer to get out of debt was for lending agencies to reduce the overall debt

E.Food and Famine

1.After world war II, poor nations need for food continued to grow

2.Famine remained a serious problem

F.Growing Economic Interdependence

1.Postwar period, OPEC influenced the lives of Americans and the world

2.Growing powers of multinational corporations, growth of service sector and technological advances lessened the control of individual nations over their own economies

III.Society and Politics: Rebellions and Conflicting Ideologies


1. Growing rebellion against the role that white male had held...