Equity policies are important for human resource management because they affect the whole range of employment practices and policies in an organization. Why is this so? Explain your answer.

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Equity policies influence many areas of employment practices in an organization. This is because equity issues affect the bottom line of an organization. Areas such as

Equitable treatment in all matters related to employment. It is important that the HR department ensures that every employee is given fair and equitable treatment in all maters related to employment. HR has a responsibility to make sure that the 'best' person is hired for the job irrespective of race, colour, sex, age, family status or disability. This means that the application process is fair and equitable so that the appropriate qualifications of each candidate are only upon the criteria upon which a hiring or promotion decision is made. Companies should make sure that their business and people strategies are aligned and integrated. It is critical therefore, that managers are able to interpret equity policies. Equity is achieved only when a company has established among its workforce a balance between people invested in the success of the enterprise with the knowledge to address new challenges with the people with the experience to implement new strategies in an increasingly competitive market.

Career development for professional success for the business go hand in hand. Top performers want to work for great companies and increasingly great companies are those in business that encourage and develop new knowledge and skills.