The Environment And The Effects Of Globalization

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Globalization, which can be defined as the trend away from distinct national economic units and toward one huge global market. This trend can be found on many aspects in the business world such as, political, economical, and social. Yet one factor that has a huge impact on making globalization possible is the effect on the environment. The environment not only involves our many nations, but it also involves our citizens. The United States should have policies toward the world market that protect the standards and regulations designed to improve the quality of life.

In times of today there requires new paths that encourage exchanges of goods, capital, and people that enhance the social and environmental common good, and that discourage or stop those exchanges that undermine healthy communities, a clean environment , and dignified work. The elite consensus emphasis on leading with exports, yet this translates into tearing down forests, over fishing, and the depletion of minerals.

These elites do not factor in the long term effects and the cost that these environmental hazards will have on the country in which they are doing business in. The next generation will have to spend much of its money and energy to cope with the erosion, depletion of fishing banks, and increasing unproductive soil. Some companies feel that they would rather take their business to another country in order to get away from all the regulations that they have in their home county. Some United States mobile corporations will increasingly use threats of moving production elsewhere in order to water down the United States environmental regulations. This way they can go to a less developed country, and use their resources as they wish, and that's when the country encounters the harmful effects the business puts on their environment. This not only...