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Entry Description We both chose Jesse Owens for our project because we are both involved in track. This project also caught our eye because of discrimination, but despite that he was able to break down the barrier between blacks and whites during the Berlin Olympics.

For us knowing where to start and how to break down such a broad topic as tuff. By looking at all of Jesse's achievements we chose what we thought as the biggest one, and we chose the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

First we began by looking on the Internet, and that turned out to be a little harder that we thought. Though once e started to find information it got easier all the time. We also used ebsco, and we found articles that provided us with a lot of useful information.

We found all our pictures via corbis and viewimages. Most of the pictures that we found came from corbis.

Our U.S. History teacher provided us with several excellent videos. We looked in our school and collage library, but we couldn't find anything.

Once we found a sufficient amount of information we began creating our document that we have today. From what we have done we felt that it shows why Jesse Owens in the 1936 Berlin Olympics, was a new frontier in the equalization of the races.