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Journal A. Choosing the topic wasn't very hard. I'd been thinking about building a Ziggurat ever since the projects was given out. It was a very interesting building and that's what I kind of wanted to make, a building. Buildings are what I like to do because I'm not very good artistically so I wasn't going to make a sculpture or any thing like that. I also did not want to make weapons or things of metal because there were already too many weapons made. Also, through all the Ziggurats I've seen in class, none of them look like the one in the text book so I felt we needed one.

B. I looked mostly across the Internet for information on Ziggurats and found lots of information. The only books I used were our text book, Oddesyee through the ages and the enduring past. The picture I actually re-created it from was in the textbook.

C. Getting the supplies wasn't very hard, although it took some time, because of things that were going on around my house at the time. We stopped off at Michael's Craft store to pick-up the Styrofoam, Styrofoam glue and paint, which we were very surprised cost almost $60. That was all I needed to create my Ziggurat.

D. Well, the pieces of Styrofoam we got were flat slabs, three of them. I piled them one on top of the other and cut-out a big square to make the base. Then cutting each layer progressively smaller than the last, making it look like the one on page 31 of the text book. After the basic shape was completed, I made a rectangular block of scraps for the front stairs. I glued the stair box together and the basic Ziggurat shape together and let them...