Emphatic Listening

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We feel that emphatic listening, in the long run, will resolve many problems and difficulties often found in the food service and hospitality industry. It is something that is rarely and often never seen in most hotels and restaurants. By using emphatic listening skills an employer or supervisor would probably amaze a customer or employee in this industry because it is so seldom observed. The affect this listening style would bring about in the workplace would be a positive environment where employees feel like their social needs are met and the overall morale in the company is up. To us it seems like emphatic listening would be a priceless addition to any establishment.

In the process of figuring out where the other person is coming from (their point of view or reference) you create a more trusting environment where ideas will flow easier and your credibility increases. Many skeptics argue that emphatic listening takes up too much of your valuable time.

However as the quote states, "There is never time to do it right, but there's always time to do it over, and over", so in using this skill your outlook in the long run will be a prosperous one. As you create a more trusting environment an employee allegiance will arise which will result in the supervisor leading a team that will work hard and go to the ends of the Earth to make your business, their job a successful, beneficial, and meaningful establishment that all in the company will be proud of.

In this industry many employees see their job as just that, a job. Since an individual rarely develops a loyalty to a company the turnover rate in the hospitality field is very high.

However, the blame should not be on the shoulders of the employees, the...