Embryo Reasearch Debate

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"Some people deserve transplants more than others" Do you agree?

Yes, I believe that some people deserve organ transplants more than others since the person being given he organ might have the potential to do greater good than a another. For example a doctor has the potential to save lives, where as an average office worker would not be able to bring good in that way.

Secondly, some people might have inflicted the failure on themselves, despite prior warnings. In the situation of George Best, he has been warned about his drinking many times and still continues to drink, where as if someone has had a failure for a non-self inflicted reason, they surely deserve a vital organ more than him.

This idea is based on religion itself. The fact that you are allowed a second chance but not a third or fourth chance. When we are meant to go to heaven we will be judged on the way in which we lived our life, I believe this should be the same for organ transplants, after it is a matter of life or death.

No, I do not believe that some people deserve organ transplants more than others. As it is famously says in the old testament, "All men are created equal", so therefore it should be on a first come first serve basis, unless one person is on death's door and the other could survive without the required organ for a bit of time.

Giving some people priority over others is also showing favouritism and is discrimination going completely against the morals of our society today.

2.Option 3;

Safeguards to Govern, organ donor Inc.

1.All organs donated are in working order,

2. Extensive tests will be carried out to make sure the organ is not...