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The Egyptian culture wrote many hymns to praise nature. The hymns about the sun and the Nile River thanked the gods for the wonderful gifts that they gave its people. The Egyptians were very close to nature. Nature was a key part of their society because they lived off the land and the crops that it produced. The sun was very important because it provided the energy needed for crops to grow. The Nile River produced fertile land, a source of water, and transportation. The Egyptians wrote about nature because it was a very important part of their life and they felt that they needed to express their thanks to the gods.

The Egyptians were great astronomers. One of their most basic observations was that the sun rose in the east and set in the west. Since the Egyptian culture relied on various crops, the sun was a key part in their success.

The Egyptians were a polytheistic people and the sun was one of their gods. "Give me light, that I may see thy beauty." The Egyptians believed that this hymn to the sun would allow them to continue to prosper by fulfilling the gods' needs.

Another important aspect of Egyptian culture was the Nile River. The Nile River provided many riches for the Egyptians. The Egyptians said, "He that bringeth victuals and is rich in food, that createth all that is good." The Nile River provided fertile land and allowed the Egyptian crops to prosper. They Egyptians also made sacrifices to the river. "When the Nile floodeth, offering is made to thee, cattle are slaughtered for thee, a great oblation is made for thee....Offering is also made to every other god, even as is done for the Nile, with incense, oxen, cattle, and birds upon the flame."...