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Education is always a big controversy. Everyone, government, parents, and teachers want to make the school system better for the child. They all want the child to be able to succeed. That is why I disagree with the Republican Party. They want to help make education better but their solution is to transfer children to different schools. We should not shift children around every time theirs a problem. We would end up with overcrowded schools and lack of qualified teachers. They believe we should transfer a student if the school is unsafe. If the school is unsafe, then why can't something be done about that instead of ignoring the problem. Running away seems to be their solution. Didn't their parents tell them that running away does not solve it; it just makes it worse in the end. They want to raise the academic standards, which would cut many federal programs that help the average student.

The government has the money to transfer all these children, currently in unsafe schools and schools that are not challenging for the student, to transfer them to better schools. Then why don't they have the money to keep the federal programs? Federal programs make it easier to see the student's real ability. I remember when I was little and I had to move to different schools, I hated going to new schools. The republicans want to make the education system better. So far, they have made twenty-eight education cuts totaling more than one billion dollars, including technology training and after-school activities. These are programs that get students actually interested in school, and the Republican Party wants to them terminated. They are cutting funding from seven states and President Bush campaigned to fund special education and now plans to fund less than half. Government needs to...