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MDMA also known as "ecstasy" (methylenedioxymethamphetamine, methcathinone) has become a very controversial issue. First introduced in the early 1970's for it's phsychological effects, then coming back alive in the early 1980's at raves and dance clubs, allowing users to dance an extended period of time. Now ecstasy is scaring Doctor's and Parents.

Originally from Europe and transported by drug trafficking, to being manufactured as a synthetic drug in the United States. Its use has grown at an annual growth rate of 22 percent from 1976-1996. More then the use of any other drug. 4 percent of eighth graders, 6 percent of sophomores, 10 percent of juniors, and 16 percent of seniors have used the drug. But the reason for worry is not exactly the growth rate, but the effects on the person. Many people have died due to heat stroke, seizures, and consumption of the wrong kind of pill. Ecstasy gives the user feelings of wellness.

The chemicals in ecstasy effects the nervous system and the seretonin in the brain which is said to be a part of a persons personality. When used...MDMA decreases the seretonin count in the brain and then reproduced abnormally. After regular use the person becomes depressed. Although it's effects on the human body are not yet fully understood it is also known to alter the body's nervous system. Ecstasy is said to increase all senses; sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste, which are in part, part of the nervous system.

MDMA is not used for medical purposes and is now illegal. Although it is being reconsidered for the use of AIDS and other terminal illnesses because of it's effects. My position on this is to be used for terminal illnesses, but the person has to be in say a stage four out of five if they have AIDS. Many people that have had AIDS so bad, then had a session with ecstasy, were able to walk when they werent able to, and to just have a feeling of well-being and to feel somewhat normal a couple more times before they passed away. For it to not be used for terminal illnesses is cutting that person short of a potentially good time before they died. Either way though, ecstasy is becoming a very wide-spread and worry-some drug.