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Dune is a science fiction book because it follows 5 characteristics for proving this.1. Small and fast dinosaurs appeared for the first time in the early Triassic Period.

2. These were no dinosaurs in the beginning of the Triassic Period; however, there were many amphibians.

3. Turtles, frogs, salamanders, and pterosaurs first appeared in the Triassic Period.

4. Seed plants dominated the land near the beginning.

5. The German geologist Friedrich August Von Alberti named the Triassic Period in 1834.

6. The Triassic Period was first known as Trias.

7. It got its name because a three-part division of rock types in Germany represents this period of geologic time.

8. Oldest known dinosaurs are from the late Triassic Period.

9. Continents began to drift apart from one another between the middle and late Triassic Period.

10. Mountains also began to form.

11. Long, narrow down faulted rift valleys or basins appeared along what is now the east coast of North America.

12. In the Mid-Triassic, dinosaurs evolved from the thecodonts, which were socket-toothed, crocodile-like reptiles.

13. Early dinosaurs were carnivores or omnivores.

14. Fossils indicated that the Triassic Period had mostly a hot, dry climate at the time.

15. In the seas, about 75% of the invertebrate species were obliterated from mass extinction, which mostly came from volcanic eruptions.

16. The major subdivisions of the Triassic Period are the Anisian, Ladinian, and Carnian.

17. The Triassic Period started about 248 million years ago. During the Triassic period, there was one super continent named Pangaea.

18. 35% of all the animal families died out when Pangaea was drifting apart.

19. The earliest known turtle, Proganochelys, appeared during the late Triassic Period.