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Editorial Office The Globe and MailToronto, Ontario Dear Mr. ......., I have read your "Brave New World is getting better all the time" article. I am writing to inform you that your opinion is well respected, but it is not shared by me. There should be a line drawn to our fine right of free speech. This right should not be used to inflect harm on other individuals or groups that have not done harm to society or their fellow citizens.

Free speech to criticize others is welcomed if there was an apposite reason. Having a different skin color, or practicing a religion that has a message of peace and love is not an apt reason to be criticized. Abusing free speech in this manner is a crime that breaks the law and society's moral standards. I am very disappointed that the supreme court of Canada had the injunction for those racist individuals.

They have left permanent scars and inflected psychological wounds against Canada's Sikh community. These racist comments spread by this arrogant group have no place in our country, where equal rights are guaranteed to all individuals and groups regardless of race, color and even sex.

Freedom of speech is a right that is not shared by the entire world. This privilege should be spread by our western culture. This can be done by pressuring the governments of the countries that do not have free speech. Pressuring these governments can be done by imposing sanctions and excluding them from world events and partnerships. These forms of pressure will force these countries to allow their citizens to speak out and enjoy the beautiful right of free speech.

Free speech should be a right enjoyed by all. It also has to be handled with responsibility and respect for others. Abusing free speech is a moral sin and should be punished as a crime. Thank you Mr. Keller for writing this article to inform the North American public of the news. However, I wish that the news be reported in a manner that is respectable and honorable. There should be no discrimination or unfairness to the peaceful communities of Canada.

Sincerely, Michael Nashat