Dont Look Out The Window

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Don't look out the window"¦"¦"¦.

One dark and eerier night rain was poring drenching every thing. I was siting in my room lights low watching TV. Low growling was coming from outside my window I looked, but no one was there. I did not think much of it at the time. But I was still a little frightened.

When I woke up the next morning it was still poring rain. All through the morning I forgot about the noises and went on with daily routine. When I left my house for school, the bushes in front of my window had been totally ripped out of the ground and scratch marks were on the branches of trees and around the outside of the of my house. The whole day I thought what could have caused this much damage. That night I asked my father what might of caused that. He did not know he thinks the storm did it, I don't think the storm caused the damage because what was that growling noise I heard.

That night the rain was still poring and I was wondering if the noise would come back. I sat in my room listening to ever sound no matter how inaudible I tried to place the sound on what caused it. I heard it, low growling it was louder this time and, I looked a flash of lightning revealed its face. The thing had a long snout like nose and large dripping fangs, glowing red eyes placed in broad head that looked like a cat like creature. Now I was really scared I went and got a flashlight I shone it out the window this time I saw two sets of glowing red eyes. Smash, my window was shattered by the creature; it attacked me. I held it back with a chair my dad ran in and beat it over the head with one mighty blow from a baseball bat. The creature ran away with the other, but I think they will be back, tomorrow night I will be prepared.

All day I looked in books to see what the creature was, I asked my neighbors if they had seen the creatures all said "no". This day seem to go by fast before I knew it the sun was down and I was waiting for the creatures. My dad had one of his hunting friends' come over with a couple of guns if the things came back. I had borrowed my dad's combat knife just in case they came back and my dad did not get there fast. As I started to dose off smash crash both creatures had jumped in the room. As the larger of the two lunged at me I stabbed it many times. My dad burst in the door he hit the one attacking me with the butt of the gun. By this time both creatures were attacking and lunging at any one. After the creatures had been hit with the gun a couple of times they started to run for the window boom boom boom. My dad and his friend had fired both creatures dropped dead. We ran outside to see if the creatures were really dead.

The next morning we came outside to see what the creatures were. The bodies were gone! We never came across the creature again but every so often we will hear growling is it them back for revenge of other creatures of the same kind.