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I feel adolescent behavior is influenced by T.V. Research shows the truth about television violence and kids. Some are trying to fight this problem, while others are ignoring it. Still, others do not even seem to care. However, the facts are obvious. The tests carried out, all point to one conclusion: television violence causes kids to be violent, and the effects can be life-long.

If someone besides a child were to ask some kid what their favorite T.V. show is, they would give you the name of a T.V. show that contains a lot of violence. They look at these characters as role models so they start copying what they do. The kid goes to the playground during recess and plays with some kid in a violent way, acting out their favorite T.V. character. Then they go home and they act this way. Playing "make believe" is really a demonstration of aggressive behavior, because of watching violence on television.

Kids copy the actions of their favorite television character, just like a bird learns how to fly. Kids copy these T.V. characters because they look up to them. By watching violent T.V. kids are very likely to re-act the violence in their own life. People seem to approve of these aggressive characteristics, which confuses kids.

Until people ban these violent shows, kids will continue getting bad influences.

It is not the T.V. companies fault for trying to make money. That's why they are there. It should be the parent's fault for not watching what their child is watching is watching.

The parent should see if the show is suitable for their child. So it is not all the T.V.

show's fault. That concludes why I think T.V. influences adolesent behavior the most.