How do the the people in the New England area and the area of the Chesapeake Bay differ.

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The English quickly became the dominant settlers of the East coast in the new world. The first colony, Jamestown, was established in Virginia. This settlement expanded rapidly north and became known as the Chesapeake Bay region. Many Catholics, Quakers, and people of Scotch-Irish decent settled here. A group known as the Puritans came from England in search of somewhere to worship freely. Other groups that split from the Puritans also came and settled in the New England area. This group was known as the Separatists. This diverse group of settlers caused many disputes and even wars. The people in the New England area and the area of the Chesapeake Bay displayed many differences including religion, social status, and the reasons for coming to the new world.

The Puritans, who settled in the New England area, wanted to form a society based on religion. The Puritans split from the Anglican Church because they believed that it continued practicing too many Catholic traditions.

Groups also split from the Puritans to form their own churches, and were called the Separatists. In 1620, a group of Separatists landed at Plymouth, in what would later become the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The Separatists were then referred to as pilgrims. This area of the world came to be known as New England. The Puritans and Separatists' reasons for coming to the new world were to escape religious persecution and to find new farmland. Even though they left England to escape this persecution, they were intolerant to any other religions, as one may have expected them to be. All residents of the Massachusetts Bay area had to attend the Puritan Church and abide by all of its strict rules. The Puritan spiritual life consisted of strict adherences to the Sabbath, self-discipline, and introspection. John Winthrop, a founder...