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Prejudice is a preconceived judgment or opinion of a person to whom you are acquainted. Prejudice is something that can happen to anyone. People are under the influence of prejudice everywhere, they suffer from it just by being born a certain way or acting a certain way. Discrimination is the act, practice, or instance discriminating categorically rather than the individually. Also the prejudiced outlook, action, or treatment of a person is known as discrimination. Prejudice is the hate of someone without evening knowing the person they are. To hold a prejudice on someone you also feel the same for the people like them. You must also show the same type of tolerance to the people of that race, gender, or type. To discriminate you must do the same. I can't see the difference in the two. In order, for people to discriminate they must first have a prejudice against someone or something.

People today find something to hate in just about everything. Small to large if it is different they have a problem with it. Tolerance is something that is slowly fading. People don't have as much compassion as they used to. Sometimes there is no way to help it. You could have been raised in an environment, which promotes hate and disgust of people. Some people feel that prejudice is something is just born in people. I feel that it is acquired you must learn to hate; no one person is born into the beliefs of another person you are to learn and develop on your own terms. That comes to an even more ambiguous question are people who dislike the people who discriminate; discriminating themselves or are trying to stop it from happening. I am not sure of that at this point, but I do know that it sounds true you would have a general dislike and that is a prejudice.