Discuss the idea of a untied Cyprus, putting forward a basic outline of a solution to re-unite the divided island of Greeks and Turks.

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Whereas some would argue that the idea of a united Cyprus is in fact outdated, others would say that the possibility of a long overdue solution to the 'Cyprus Problem' has never been more real.

The word 'outdated' seems to imply that the very notion should be banished form our minds, that the possibility no longer exists and that the whole concept is 'old fashioned'.

The sad truth of the matter is - most Greek-Cypriots do not want a solution. As a matter of fact, most of them would rather have a Gaza style wall be built between the two sides. 'They' can stay over there with their donkeys and pushcarts, while 'we' can live out the rest of our happy lives here with our villas and Mercedes. Turkish settlers are also opposed to a solution, as they fear that a very possible clause in any reunification treaty would see them expelled form Cyprus and returning to Turkey.

There is an overwhelming amount of disrespect between the two religions in Cyprus, Christianity and Islam. It is the atypical Greek-Cypriot who will tolerate having a mosque located near his house, near his area, and for some extremists, anywhere in the city. A lot of Greek-Cypriots will astutely observe that the mosque is trampling all over their 'Greekness' and insulting their religious faith. It would be just as difficult to find a hardcore Muslim who won't sweat profusely at the idea of having to live near a church.

Most of the people who make up the minority population who want a solution are refugees, desperate to live out the rest of their days where they feel they belong. The number of people pressuring the government for a solution decreases with the number of refugees being buried, and the rest of...