Discrimination in women and Hispanic and Native Americans

Essay by frankyjb04 March 2004

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Women should work! The '60 had had few major problems, all which affected society and made the present-day what it is currently. Mainly those problems dealt with discrimination against either women, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans and the younger generation.

Women's rights were one of the problems in the 1960's. Women desired to be treated like men, at least in the aspect of being able to get the same jobs, equal pay for equal work. They also wanted equal rights with not only employment but also education. Instead, they encountered sexual and racial discrimination. Sexually discriminated by white and black men and racially discriminated by whites, blacks, and other women. Women were only one third of the nation's work force. The jobs they did hold offered less pay and prestige. Women received fifty-nine cents for every dollar a man made. The Equal Pay Act of 1963 was intended for women to receive the same amount as men.

This act did not help with the discrimination of employing the women. FDA approved sale of birth control pills in the 60's and this gave women more opportunity to make their own decisions about their bodies. Abortion also gave them reproductive rights but was illegal at the time. If women could not get a qualified physician to perform abortion illegally, they had to have an unqualified person do it. They could suffer from injury, sterility, or death. Nevertheless, women that were poor of did not want to be a mother took that risk. Marriages were postponed so women could prepare for careers and divorce rat climbed. The National Organization of Women was founded in the 60's. Equal for all, maternity leave benefits, and better childcare were a few of there main goals. The National Women's party proposed equal rights amendment (ERA) but it did...