Differences of The Preamble of the Constitutuion, to the Pledge of Allegiance

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Pledge vs. Preamble

There are many things that give you an idea how the Preamble to the Constitution and the Pledge of Allegiance are alike. There are also many things that give you an idea on how they are different. One thing that is for sure about both is that they are both followed by Americans. They are both like promises they are making to the United States. They both promise different thing, but are similar.

First, the Pledge of Allegiance is like a promise in a way. It also sounds like a prayer that you say in church. The way you say the Pledge is as if you are saluting the flag. The Pledge is also said on a daily basis mainly by students and teachers. With the help of this Pledge we stay as free Americans. Next, the Preamble helps to protect laws of our Nation and keep justice with the people.

It is also the introduction to our Constitution. It mainly summarizes the constitution in a sentence. This Preamble sums up all of our Branches of Government, Amendments, and the Bill of Rights. It helps make sure we live in a free society.

Then, they are similar in specific ways. They both seem like oaths that you give to the United States. Together they help you stay free and innocent. Both the Pledge and the Preamble are one long sentence each. And each are memorized during school and are recited often.

Hence, these two very long sentences are extremely important in history. Though, only one is done in history. The other is usually said in any of your classes when you are saluting the flag of the United States. Both of these have made a huge difference in our history and our society. These two sentences should...