Diego Maria Rivera Barrientos

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Diego Maria Rivera Barrientos was born in Guanajuato, Mexico along with his twin brother José Carlos Maria on December 13, 1886. Sadly, his twin died at the age of two. His father, senior Diego Rivera, is said to have fought alongside of the first president of Mexico, Benito Juarez. He also was known for owning sliver mines around Guanajuato. With his mother being of the indigenous peoples, the young Diego had a feeling of worth as a Mexican. Because all art and culture during this time came mainly from Europe, Mexico derived theirs from Paris, meaning Diego idealized many French painters and art. At the young age of ten Diego started evening class at the San Carlos Academy and at twelve became a full time student. His teachers were the painters Santiago Rebull, Felix Parra, and José Maria Velasco.

At the age of twenty he exhibits for the first time in the annual exhibition of the San Carlos Academy with twenty-six works.

He became partners with Angelina Beloff in 1909. In 1910 he exhibited at both the Society of Independent Artists in Paris and at the San Carlos Academy. In that same year he witnessed the outbreak of the Mexican Revolution. In 1912 the first cubist influence is seen in his work and he exhibits those works at the Autumn Salon in 1913. His first one-man exhibition in 1914 was at the Berthe Weill Gallery. Later that same year when taking a trip to Mallorca, he is overtaken by the outbreak of World War One. He had a relationship with the Russian artist Marevena Vorobyvoc-Stebelska in 1915, who bore him a daughter in 1919. But between then he had a son born in 1916 to Angelina Beloff, who he married in 1914. That son died at the age...