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There are many Internet web sites dedicated to the study of Charles Dickens. Some sites offer many links and useful information, while other sites tend to be general in substance. This paper will review a few of these sites.

The first website on Charles Dickens that I went to was Ritva Raesmaas. She is a librarian who probably published this website because she wanted to help student when working on their projects and to give more information to teachers. This website is like most other sites: it has a list of links that you can got to, but has a lot has of information that's not included in the other links. For instance, there are more than 50 links on this site covering every aspect of Dickens' life and work. The text is written very well and a lot of information that goes into very specific detail into what you need, and what you want when your doing do a detailed report.

After reviewing this site there is a guest book you can sign, and you can ask questions and give feed back. This website is located at www.helsinki.fi/kasv/hokol/dickens.html. It was published on August 1st, 2000 and was last updated on October 13th, 2000. There have been 18,748 visitors to this site.

The second web site I visited is found at Ian.nagoya-v.ac.jp/~matsuoka/dickens.html. Mitsuhara Matsuoka authored this web site at the Nagoya University, in Nagoya, Japan. The main purpose of this web site is geared toward the non-scholar. Compared to other web sites this site has a lot of general information. Instead of being organized from general to specific, this site starts with general information and does not offer any extra links. The information gets to the point, but does not go into the detail found in many other sites. Although there is not a lot of detail, there is a broad array of information given. E-mail is possible. This site was first made on September 20th 1995 and was last updated November 1st 2000. There have been 59,623 visitors at the site.

The next site I visited was located at www.goithes.com/Athen/stnx/8490 and was published by Darden. It is titled "Dickens You Say". The reason for this publication is for fun and to get people interested and involved with disusing opinions and posting them on this web site for others to see. This website was made for commercial purposes. In comparisons with other websites there's not as much information. There are more pictures and selling ads. Although there are not many facts, the ones given are some of the most interesting ones. There is not very much text to be judged on, but what there is, tells about what happens in each chapter, much like a cliffnotes or a sparknotes web page. There have been 37,267 visitors at this website. It was published on May 18th, 1995 and was last updated on November 11th, 2000. There are four other links to this site. You can e-mail and they are posted for others to see and to reflect on.

The last website that I went to as called The Charles Dickens Web Ring. It is located at www.goithes.com/Athen/stnx/8490/submission/home.html, and was written by Jeff May on September 7th, 1999. The last updated was on September 12th, 2000. There have been 15,007 visitors. This website was probably published for commercial purposes and was also used for information. A lot of the Web Ring sites have ads for selling products (books and movies about Dickens). This site is not very good for researching a project, but good for finding out where to buy Charles Dickens merchandise. It's easy to find out where and what's the best to buy. There is a commentary section of the website where you can give feed back and there is also e-mail available for you to write to the author if you have any questions or comments.