Diary Entries Of Enobarbus & Menas

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Enobarbus Ah, I can truly say, that Cleopatra is One of the Wonders of the world, to be completely marvelled. Oh how Antony is lucky to have her by his side. But by his side, at the same time as Fulvia, is another matter. Which is why the God's should be eternally thanked by Antony for saving him from the wraith of cheating.

But still, I am doubtful of Cleopatra. She pursed up Antony's heart, and I am weary of Antony's decision of sticking by her, rather then attending his duties in Rome"¦it is something to be re-thought on Antony's be-half.

As I have stated, Cleopatra is going to lead to Antony's downfall. And as far as I can see"¦she has. How could the Emporer choose to fight Caesar at Sea? He will surely loose! Both of us know that he has absolute soldiership on land.

He leaves his infantry undeployed! How could he follow that slag's wishes. She will surely betray him. He has truly lost his touch, when daunted by that women's poison.

Ah"¦it has come true. He has fled in a shameful manner! How could he play such a role! The Great Antony"¦reduced to shame. How could he betray his strengths, and replace them with his dire weaknesses. Alas it has come true. She betrayed him. She fled. It pains me to say this, but I will remain loyal, and I will follow Antony! Even if is does mean following the Lord into disaster.

He has surely spelled his doom now. How could a dove, being so small, try to attack an estridge, being much larger in size, like Antony is trying to attack Caesar. This I can't take. This is crazy. I will have to seek some way to leave him.

The treasure. Could something so sweet make a man feel so low? I am the Villian of the Earth! And now I am all alone"¦ How could I desert my dearest friend and leader Antony? He was truly the greatest man, and I deserted him! How could I do such a thing? Oh Antony"¦my boundless source of generosity! Oh"¦I am a master leaver and a fugitive! Oh Antony! Oh Antony! Menas My master has certainly lost his sense of a thirst for ruling power. How could he pass up such an opportunity to rule the whole world. I could have cut their throats in an instant. That easy. All of their land, all their prosperity, all the opportunity, vanished in the sands of time. What is this thing that he calls honour? He has never used the word honour before when pirating the Seas around us. He has never used the word honour when plundering and looting. He has never used the word honour when the times most call for it. But now"¦of all times"¦he chooses to use the word, so feared by pirates"¦that word honour. Because of this, I shall never offer an opportunity to his ear again.