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Anne Frank lived with her family in a pleasant house. For Anne and her sister, Margot, their early childhood was a sucure place inhabited by loving parents, relatives and nurses.

However, the Nazis had gained power in some parts of Germany. The Nazis wanted all Jews to be killed. Otto Frank, Anne's father, did not hestitate to wait for the Nazis to come into full power. In 1933, the Franks left Frankfort. Mrs. Frank and the two girls joined her mother in Aachen, near the Belgian border. Otto Frank went to Holland and started a business in food products. In the spring of 1934, the Franks reunited and settled in Amsterdam.

Anne Frank lived in Amsterdam happily, like she did in Frankfort. She attended Montessori School and had a host of friends. Her father, however, was still worried for in Germany the Nazis gained almost complete power.

In 1940, the Germans envaded and conquered Holland.

Anne's life had changed by the Germans taking control. She could not go to her school, and was to attend the Jewish Lyceum. No Jews were allowed out on the streets at night.

In 1941, the Germans had their first round-up of Jews in Amsterdam. 5 months later, the Germans summonded 16-year-old Margot Frank to report for deportation. Otto Frank, however, had contact with Dutch friends, and were able to hide out in the attic of a house. The morning after Margot was summonded they left Amsterdam and went to the attic of the house called the Secret Annexe.

In the Secret Annexe they were joined by the Van Daan family. There was Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan and their son Peter. Later, a eldery dentist, Alburt Dussel, was invited to share their refuge. The 8 Jews hid in the Secret Annexe...