The developing of North American to United states

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Columbus found America when he landed in the Caribbean looking for a Western route to Asia, but found North America. After that settlers from different parts of the world start to come to America. The United States really begin to develop when Christopher Columbus found the region. From the nation had found to Manifest Destiny, which is the believe of expansion, to the United Sates start to be divided and finally broke in to war. All of these events were significant changes that some what had affected the US.

After Christopher Columbus accidently found North America, settlers from Europe and Africa start to come to America. They brought along with them foods, customs, cultures, and other goods to exchanges with North Americans. But not just bring goods, settler also brought with them diseases. More and more people from England and some other European countries began settling along and near the East Coast during the 1600's.

The first colony was founded at Jamestown, Virginia in 1607. By 1650, however, England had established and dominant presence on the Atlantic Coast. Beginning in 1651, the English government star passed laws and regulating certain aspects of colonial economic life, some beneficial to America, but most favoring England. Americans think English's action was not acceptable and they don't want England controlling over them. American then realizes the best way to get back their independence is to fight a war with England. The Revolutionary War started in 1775. The war itself is started with the Battle of Lexington and Concord, and ended with the Treaty of Paris. American fought this war for more than eight years, and finally gained their independence. They then start to establish laws and documents to run the country. One of the important document Americans had established is the Constitution, which...